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We handle the transport of your cargo all the way from the beginning to the end, keeping you informed about every step, avoiding surprises.
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We’re Dueto

Your cargo safe, beyond the boundaries of your business.

If you think that freight forwarding is all the same, it's time to get to know Dueto, a light, agile and adaptable company to your demands. Here, we take care of your cargo as if it were ours, after all, it is.

Specialist in air and sea transport, we believe in the strength of partnership and see Foreign Trade as fertile ground for this. It is no surprise that for a shipper there is a consignee, for a MAWB there is a HAWB, for a container there is a vessel and for your company there is Dueto.
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Our core business

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is the flagship of our company. We are the link between your company and the final transporter, reducing risks and absorbing impacts along the way so you can focus on your business and leave the transport to us.
All between origin and destination
Other services

Efficient logistics solutions

Pick up and storage

Through our network of partners around the world, we are able to start our work way before international shipment.

We can pick up the cargo at a designated location and store it for as long as necessary, with complete security and control.

Cargo insurance

Speaking of security, how about adding extra peace of mind to your shipments? In an agile and practical way, we provide international cargo insurance.

This way, if something unforeseen happens during transport, we will have all the necessary coverage.


Cabotage is called “navigation between ports in the same country or at short distances, within coastal waters” and we can assist you.

In fact, we are fans of this type of transport which, in addition to being safe and economical, is eco friendly.

Customs clearance

It doesn't matter if each of your processes is different or if we are talking about series production.

We have a partner that will meet your needs when it comes to customs clearance, this delicate and important phase of the import and/or export process.

We handle your cargo as if it were our own.


Everything integrated for your business

Reefer cargo

Reefer cargo

Ideal for transporting perishable cargo or those that require some temperature control, such as food, medicines or chemical products, which form the basis of our operation. In this segment we have the best contracts and the broadest experience.
Hazardous cargo

Hazardous cargo

Technical knowledge and background necessary to resolve the implications involving the transport of dangerous cargo, such as flammable, corrosive, explosive and others.
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First import

Have you decided to import and don't know how to do it? We can help you! We will assist you in everything involving the operation. From calculating taxes, the paths to qualifying your company as an importer, the best broker and everything else necessary.

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